Bomb Bradshaw and i like to take the dogs for a walk.   Albert the good is a grey lakeland terrier, Logan the bad is a black one.

Logi is special needs. in many ways.  He has to be first ahead of his brother on their walks so he pulls and strains to be in the lead.

we were walking him down the east side of our street when we came upon the troll in the culvert. there is a driveway with a half hidden pipe under it that must have the end of the ejector pit hose near it because anytime we walk by there is the an ominous sound of water or air or both gurgling though a pipe. Anytime of the day i go by i hear it.


Anytime of the day. I’ve never heard it at night because only a fool would go near that thing at night when trolls come out and grab you.

I think we have some odor deluxe going on over there by the troll culvert as well as Logi want to roll around in something wet. i don’t let him. I hardly let him roll around on the living room carpet and doggyfy it up with that doggy odor. I rarely let him on the basement  carpet because it took a lot to get the dog odor out of that but sometimes he slips down there when the grandkids leave the door open. Our littlest one Lucas calls him poggy.


If you have doggy odors in your carpet we can get them out quickly.

If you have a troll in your culvert you are on your own

630 779 4295 –No troll removal calls please.