Don’t take out word for it…

“Thanks so much for your great work. We’re thrilled to have the chairs restored to “almost” new. Nicely done. And, yes, I’m interested in hearing about the other areas you’d like to clean here in the Beamer Center. Feel free to let me know the specific areas as well; I can see who’s responsible for moving those projects forward. Again, thanks for cleaning our chairs.”


Wheaton, IL

“I am very very very pleased. You got out those stains and you cleaned the black lines along the edges of the carpet. You are much much better than the last people. In fact they’re not even in the same category as you. I have never had cleaning like this. I will tell my friends and pass out your cards. I am very very pleased. Thank you so much.”

Colleen D

Glen Ellyn

“You got the vomit out of my carpet. You got the blue popsicle out of my wool carpet. You got the stain out my wool runner my regular cleaner has tried to get out several times. Am I pleased? No. I am absolutely beside myself with joy. You are amazing, amazing, amazing.”

C. Waller

Glen Ellyn

“Just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful job on our carpets. You really are good at what you do. My wife was pushing me to replace the carpet in the home office. Thanks for saving me.”

David D

Wheaton, IL

“I had a $5,000 sofa I had to ship the next morning as part of a $20,000 order. I nearly had a nervous breakdown, when I saw a stain on the cushion and platform. I called Jim and told him my plight. In thirty minutes, he was on site, and two hours later the impossible became possible and a job well done. The next morning my workers saw it but could not believe it! He was not only a miracle worker, but a life saver as well!”


Satisfied Customer

“Jim Settecase was extremely professional and courteous. He and his pleasant assistant were able to remove a ten year old stain with success, as no one in the past has been able to do! He was on time and extremely reliable and cautious with our furniture and home. He treated everything with appreciation and care as if it were his own. Having been in a family business for over 90 years, it is pleasing to know that class and quality is not completely lost. He exemplifies professionalism and knowledge of his industry. Jim & his company is truly the last of a dying breed. As another positive, after he finished I also found out various neighbors have been using him for years. More proof of his great work.”

Donna & Mark

Satisfied Customers

“Jimmy Settecase from Beyond Carpet Cleaning is an absolute stand out! He is intense and passionate about achieving excellence in cleanliness. This intensity and passion is only exceeded by the regularity by which Jimmy exceeds his customer’s expectations. I refer him to my clients exclusively!”

Bryan Bomba Group at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage of Hinsdale, IL.

Satisfied Business Customer

“You cleaned for us a few years ago. Since then we’ve hired two other carpet cleaning companies. Neither of them came close to your work.  We’d like you to come back and clean for us again. When you clean for us, our carpets stay cleaner longer. Oh, and those other cleaners don’t give the same level of service.”

Shirley L.

Burr Ridge, IL

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your quick and efficient responses to our carpet cleaning needs. You get it done thoroughly and professionally. Please feel free to have potential clients call me, and I will be glad to them of your excellent services to our church.”

Jim Guidone

Director of Maintenance

“Thanks for coming out to clean both my couch and loveseat. My wife and I are extremely pleased with how the couches look. We appreciate you spending the time and effort required to do the job right.”

Mike C.

Lombard, IL

“Just a short note to let you know how pleased we are at Stonebridge Country Club with your services. Our facility has 25,000 + square feet of carpeting and a demanding membership. I am extremely pleased with your service and attention to detail. It’s comforting to know you’re looking out for our best interest in quality and customer satisfaction.”

Stonebridge Country Club

Aurora, IL

“In this day and age of broken promises and shoddy workmanship a company who does a quality job at a fair price is rare indeed. I’ve known James Settecase for over 30 years and can say without hesitation, he is a man of integrity who will treat his clients right.”

Dr. Richard J. Powers, Former Dean of Students

Wheaton College

“I wanted to write you this this letter to tell you how happy I am with my carpets. The office looked great when you finished and received many compliments from patients who come in. Thanks again.”

David Petti
President of Stones Jewelry

Wheaton, IL

“Just a short note to tell you how much we appreciate your cleaning the carpets in my home and at the store. Your crews have cleaned for us many, many times and always do an excellent job, especially in the tougher areas. It’s hard to find people with a strong work ethic and real professional expertise.

Matthew H. Waln D.C.

Satisfied Customer

“As a facilities manager (Now retired), I’ve seen a lot of carpet work. When you finished I was totally amazed. It was clean. The spots were all gone. Thanks for a great job at a reasonable price.”

Dick C.

Satisfied Customer

“This berber carpet looks new. How could I not be pleased.”

Byron and Lorrie M.

Woodridge, IL

“This carpet looks fantastic. My wife will be thrilled.”


Bolingbrook, IL

“These carpets look brand new. May I tell people you’re pleased? Yes, of course.”


Lombard, IL

“I can’t believe it. These carpets look new. They really are beyond what I thought I could get. I am extremely pleased. Thank you.”

Kathy C.

Lombard, IL

“The carpets look fantastic Jim. We were really over due and I am thrilled with the level of work you provide.”

Ave B.

Oak Brook Terrace, IL

“Beyond Cleaning has been there for our family through various stages of life. We have used them for things such as basic carpet cleaning – which really is never basic with Jim – as he always he truly cares about his work and the customer. Beyond Cleaning was there when a torrential downpour resulted in having a small flood come up through the cement slab that was throughout our home. Jim was wonderful as he worked diligently to vacuum up the water, dry out the carpet and then ultimately clean the carpet. The process was over a week, and through it all Jim gave 100% and was a joy to be around. Beyond Cleaning was who we called first as we used them for our last move. The movers were walking on our tan carpet after walking through the rain and mud that was outside. We never thought the carpet would come clean, but Jim worked diligently and happily to ensure our new home would be spotless – as he really cares about us. I will never use anyone else besides Beyond Cleaning as Jim does a tremendous job cleaning, but he goes beyond that with his ready smile, hard work and desire to make sure we are more than 100% satisfied.”

Sandy C.

Satisfied Customer

“I am writing to thank you for your wonderfully professional prompt service! You did a wonderful job on the carpets and stairs–and hallway rugs. They really look spotless! Best of all, thank you for the book you left us – I brought it to work with me today and will start reading it during my lunch break. Sometimes, we forget who is really in charge, so your little surprise reminder is much appreciated. We will call for your services once again sometime in June after we get my son’s room cleared out. And we are definitely passing on your cards to friends. Have a blessed day”

Linda M.

La Grange, IL

“Just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did at my home last week. I was ready to give up and just replace some of the carpets, but you made them look brand new! What a wonderful surprise! Your dedication to excellence is why I will never use anyone else. Thanks again.”


Satisfied Customer

“This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. You have given me brand new carpets.”

Allen B.

Naperville, IL

“This carpet looks brand new. I am very, very pleased. Yes, of course you can tell people I am very satisfied with your work.”

Staci S.

HInsdale, IL

“You’ve done a remarkable job removing the stains I couldn’t get out, and you edge cleaned everything wonderfully. The carpets upstairs are over 20 years old and have never been cleaned. Everything looks bright and new. Thank you.”

Donald C.

Lombard, IL

“It was the bestc arpet cleaning I have ever had.”

Denise M.

Satisfied Customer

“Oh my goodness these carpets look new. I can’t believe how thorough and quick you are. I’ll be happy to tell all my friends. I wasn’t expecting this kind of quality.”

Tracy D.

Satisfied Customer

“Oh my goodness…are you kidding. This does not look like the same carpet. This carpet looks brand new. You cleaned for my sister, and she was thrilled. I am equally impressed. Thank you.”


Satisfied Customer

“These carpets look great!”

Justin Hickman, Operations Manager for Bon Appetite

Wheaton College

“I don’t believe we’ve had anyone clean as well as you have. You did such a good job cleaning our carpets that they took longer to get dirty and stayed cleaner longer.”

Judy and Jerome

Wheaton, IL

“You did a wonderful job. We are completely thrilled. The carpets and furniture look incredible. Thank you so much.”

Chris and Kara W.

Glendale Heights, IL

“I cannot belive it the urine stains and odor are completly gone. Everything looks amazing.”

Penny B.

Lemont, IL

“Everything looks great. The urine stains are completely gone, and I can sell my condo without having to give them thousands of dollars in credit for the carpets. You were excellent.”

Tom B.

Lombard, IL

“When Beyond cleans our carpets they stay cleaner longer.”

Debbie S

Wheaton, IL

“You got out stains that were in the carpets for years! this is awesome.”

Mark D.

Glen Ellyn, IL

My name is David D. and I live in Clarendon Hills. We have had Beyond clean for us for several years. We had a dog and he was having accidents all over the house. Especially in my office. I run a business with thirty employees but I’m not the best dog trainer in the world. It wasn’t really his fault. I should have just taken him to obedience school. Lisa my wife said to just replace the carpets but i wanted Jimmy to try first. He did something called “Nuking” and got out all the odor and most of the stains. There was one or two that would not come out but he did come back and try again. He really is an amazing carpet cleaner.

David D

Clarendon Hills, IL


Beyond has cleaned for us once before. I was painting one of our son’s bedrooms and tripped and knocked over a full gallon of paint. I called Jimmy and told him what had happened. He was over within the hour. I’ve never seen anyone work so hard to get paint out of a carpet. He was there over an hour. Luckily it was fresh and i covered it with wet towels before he got here. All the paint was removed and the carpet wasn’t even brittle or stiff three weeks later. We are happy to recommend him. He cleans for my mother in law as well.

Richard S.

Burr Ridge, IL

I have know Jimmy and his company Beyond Carpet Cleaning for over 25 years. We have had him over to clean our old house about every two years. We had a new home build in town and he has not been over to clean all of it. Just what was in the basement and got wet. What he has been over to do is put down an epoxy floor in our garage and to dry out our basement twice. We have a battery backup system that is supposed to be foolproof but still we got water in our lower level family room, the pool table room and a guest bedroom down there. He came over promptly, told me what it would cost, dried out all the affected areas then shampooed the carpets. It even costs less than what he quoted us. We are very pleased to know him and recommend him.

Jim and Connie M.

Glen Ellyn, IL

My Name is Silvia S. from Hinsdale. I’d like to share with you what Beyond Carpet Cleaning has done for me and my family. Recently we bought a new to us older home in town with a mother in law section on the first floor. It was a dream come true to have our mom stay with us and still have her own space. What was not a dream come true was the condition of the carpets. A contractor in the area had build the home for himself so it had a lot of very nice features but in fifteen years he had never once cleaned the carpets. For what we paid for this house replacing all the carpets would have been impossible. There was a lot of carpet and all of it trashed. I had read Jimmy’s reviews and really didn’t think anyone could do with the carpets but thought, “what have i got to lose?” He spend a lot of time just going over the house and asking questions. He was funny when he told me he wanted to start cleaning right away because he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night thinking about cleaning the carpets. I was on my lunch break so i couldn’t let him clean that day. The next week he brought in something special ordered from somewhere and he and his son started. My sister came by six hours later and they were still at it. They finished the job and assured me that some of the spots would probably come back but they would come back too. I could not believe my eyes. This carpet looked new, even the stairs and they were really bad. I called him a few days later and he came over and touched up a few spot along the edges. He really did perform the miracles he promised. I am very pleased with his work.

Silvia S.

Hinsdale, IL


I met James a few years ago. He cleans for one of the facilities oversee. We had used other cleaners who cost less but the spots always came back and sometimes after they were paid the contractors didn’t want to come back and re do some spots that wicked back. We never had this problem with Beyond. He charges us a fair price and does amazing work. Often going over a carpet two or three times to get it clean and still only charges us the regular rate. He said he cleans like it belongs to God because everything does. I’ve had him over to clean our condo twice now. He does very good work and gets rid of all the spots. They don’t come back after he cleans. He also gives us a free bottle of spotter and give free refills as well. We are very pleased with their work and would recommend beyond for someone who wants excellent cleaning.

Ann C.

5th St – Naperville, IL

We were recommended to Beyond Carpet Cleaning by the pastor of our church. Rev. Ray said he did a good job and charged a fair price. When he quoted our three bedrooms, the living room, dining room, two sets of stairs and the hall and the basement I thought his price was a little on the high side. We are retired and not made of money. We liked him. He was friendly and seemed to know what he was talking about. He worked very hard and got out some tar and gum two other cleaners had not been able to touch. He lifted the cold air returns and cleaned in the corners and scrubbed the stairs and brought in a fan to dry things up. When he and his helper were through they walked us through and we were very impressed. He is an honest man and works very hard. He was worth the money. We went with a cheap cleaner the last time and they didn’t more anything and were in and out like the house was on fire. We will use Jimmy again.

Thomas N.

Oak Brook, IL

My wife had saved a pink flyer she had gotten somewhere for two years. We called them up and Jimmy came over and quoted us to clean two sofas and a love seat and some area rugs. He and his helper Matt treated us with great courtesy. They asked permission to pull into the drive way. They explained how they would do the work and gave us three packages to choose from. We chose the gold. The rugs are bright again and they even got out a wine stain we though we were gonners over. Very pleased.

Clark S

Western Springs, IL


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