Skunk Was a Louse: Part 2

by Oct 26, 2016

skunk-in-front-of-houseThat skunk was a loose conclusion.

The solution me and the homeowner hit upon was air. I brought in my most powerful fan and turned it on in the most odiferous room in the house, the mudroom.  In a few moments on high the room was remarkable better. I left her the fan with instructions to open the windows and doors and run it till the odor was all gone.

Eventually the air forced out the smell and other than the baking soda and peroxide no chemicals were used.

Did you know in the wild not even a bear will attack a skunk. His odor is so strong nothing will attack it except maybe a mountain lion with a cold. The one animal that will attack a skunk over and over and over is a dog. Somehow as bright as they are they are dumb in this area.

I see you. I know you’re not a cat because my nose would be in ribbons by now. I’m gonna bark at you till you go away. Oh good. You’re turning your back on me. Mmm. You’re lifting your tail. Nice white stripe. Maybe that’s a sign of surrender?  See, you can’t mess with a dog as smart as me.  I wonder what comes next.

What comes next is our plug for stain and odor removal. If you need pet stain or odor removal services in the Hinsdale, IL area, give us a call!

So whether your carpets need a light touch up or there was a bad thunderstorm last night and your pet had a rough night of it call us at Beyond Carpet Cleaning.   We’ve only been in business 40 years so we don’t have all the answers but maybe we’ve got yours.

Carpets cleaned to perfection, commercial and residential , leather and fabric furniture cleaned and restored.  Tile and grout deep cleaned and polished. Marble and stone diamond polished. Pet accidents made like they never even happened.

You know, your pet doesn’t want to make a mess in the house.

Well maybe sometimes they are acting out because you would not let them go for a ride in the Bentley but most of the time they want to behave. Still, no animal should be allowed to destroy your home. For a season one of our dogs was a living poop grenade.

Insert food, pull pin and clean up all over the place the next day.  He finally got better but man was it rough while we were going though it so yes, I know your pain.  Beyond Carpet Cleaning. Call us today 630-779-4295.

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