It’s February first 2017. The first day of the 2nd month of a brand new year and the possibilities are endless. maybe I’ll lose fifty pounds?  Maybe you’ll lose five, though from over here you look marvelous.

who knows what the future holds?  Well, God does but he doesn’t often tell you and me so we say, “who knows what the future holds.”

You could run a marathon, I could balance my check book. You could write the great American novel, or I could write my 26th book. I have 25 published right now under my pen name Frankie Chocolate on Amazon. When you can’t sleep dial up your Kindle app and buy one of my books. In five minutes you’ll be sleeping like a baby. You’re welcome girlfriend.

The point is you and i have a brand spanking new month in front of us and I’d like to encourage you to seize it by the neck and get the absolute most out of you can. Go for a long walk. Take in a rollicking play at the Paramount in Aurora or stop into Frankie’s Blue room in naperville and catch some live music. Volunteer for something at the community house or sign up for a group of you and your friends to spend an evening filling boxes for Feed My Starving Children or a hundred other great charities.

Stop into Graham’s chocolates in Wheaton or St. Charles and try their caramel and nut covered pretzel rods or stretch your faith and blind by some exotic coffee you never heard of before on Amazon.

Wear a new bow tie or scarf and show up at church. then go a step further and sit in the front row and blow all their minds.

Feb. is a dreary month. It’s short and cold and gloomy.  Don’t give into  the gloom.   shine in spite of the grey days.

If your carpets or rugs need freshening up call us. That will cheer you up seeing things bright and fresh and appealing.

So you push yourself outside your comfort zone and go for a walk at Graue Mill or the Arboretum and seize the day. and If your carpets need cleaning I’ll seize them and make them look like new.   till next time be bold. be outrageous. be the best you you can be!