Press Here for Champagne

by Jan 5, 2017

January 2017: Press here for champagne.

A new client over on 3rd st. called us yesterday. She had a boatload of work but we had the fading light of a cold December afternoon. Rugs and chairs and runners and sofas. It all had to be cleaned but there was a problem. In winter the days light fades quickly in the afternoon and she was not our first stop. We got there around one and brought her our custom branded goody bag. A shameless attempt to get our clients to remember us by plying them with emery boards, pens, hand creams and chocolates all with our name  on them in hopes they will remember us the next time their little one pees on the sofa or uncle Ernie launches a gravy boat.

I’m not really sure if all those tchotchkes work to keep us in the top center of our client’s minds when they need carpet cleaning but I love giving them out and almost no one has said, “darn, Dove chocolate again.”

So we brought the homeowner our goodies and discussed the cleaning. Truth be told it was not in her best interest to have it done all that day. We have to be able to see the dirt to remove it and the light was fading fast.

We reached a happy compromise. Two rugs, a runner, two chairs and two sofas this trip and we’ll do the rest of it after the first of the year.

We scrubbed our brains out and the client was thrilled. I don’t know about you but having someone say they are thrilled and we did a good job always fills our sales and makes it all worth it.

Just as I was leaving I saw something on the wall that caught my attention. A doorbell in the center of a plaque that said “press for champagne.” I asked the happy client, “Does this thing work?”

She laughed and said, “ I would love it if someone were to bring me Champaign.”

On the way home I got to thinking.  Here was a busy mom of three small kids. There is nothing harder than being a full time homemaker and stay at home mom. When our kids were young I was Mr. Mom. My wife would come home from work and ask, ”what’s for dinner.” I replied, “you left me with four monsters all day. You should take me out for dinner.” My monsters are all grown up now but I remember how it was. Parents have told me when their spouse comes home they literally hold out the youngest one to their mate and when they take them they’d run!

So I got to thinking about this young mom and her wish button on the wall. On one hand I could get her and her husband a nice bottle of champagne and tell them to press the button on the wall because I got it right here chilled and ready.

On the other hand people might say, “where’s my foie gras?” or “I prefer my sushi without wasabi” or  Jimmy I thought we agreed you were gonna do two coats of wax on the Bentley and it looks like one from here.” Where do you draw the line? Maybe it’s better not to start down that road?

I am not sure which way to go on this one so I need your help. I need to hear from each of you on this one. Do I give them a nice bottle of bubbly and they get to ring the bell or just keep it to myself. For each person who weighs in on this burning issue we have  thank you gift.  We’ll clean your favorite chair when we come out to clean anything else. We’ll shut this down in a month so please tell me your opinion. It’s a matter of life—or life with bubbly.

Happy New Year 2017

Jimmy Settecase and the entire Beyond carpet cleaning family.


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