Night Peeing part 1
A client of mine in town called me with a unique problem. Unique for her anyway. She and her family were ready to downsize. Their home was absolutely lovely. A baby grand piano in the living room, all the modern upgrades and paint done is soft muted tones.

She was close to the school so that was a benefit—except when it was time for the soccer moms to pick up their kids. Then her street was transformed into a shark tank feeding frenzy with Volvo & Bends driving young women on the prowl for anything close to a parking spot. Don’t get them mad or you’ll be very sorry.

Her unique problem was her beautiful little doggy was peeing on the carpets at night. And sometime in the day. If it was cold outside, if she didn’t get her walked fast enough, if the moon was full or the stars bright. For any and no reason this little lovable monster was destroying their home one pee piddle at a time. Her daughter’s room and the guest bed room were favorites but the stairs themselves were not immune.

We talked about why and what to do but she was operating chiefly on the hope principal. She had a really expensive wool rug given to her family. It was huge, lovely and costly. To date the pee monster hadn’t hit that rug yet. She was hoping it wouldn’t but truth be told it was only a matter of time. Putting our hope in God is something we all should do. But putting your hope that the dog will somehow respect an insanely expensive silk rug not such a good idea.

Find out what happened to the night peeing dog in our next blog, Night Peeing part 2. Till then as Studs Terkel used to say, “’Take it easy but take it.”