Many of the realtor’s in town recommend us because in their words, “We are rock and roll cleaners,”  “We are absolute stand outs.” and “We achieve excellence in cleaning.”  Wow! Thanks.

They call us when their clients are getting ready to sell their homes because a home with fresh clean bright appealing carpets will sell quicker and for more money.

Often the homeowner wanting every thing to be perfect will fret over a mark on the wall or those dimples in the carpet from furniture.  They somehow think if everything isn’t perfect they won’t be able to sell their home or will have to take a bath on the price.

When i was young our folks would pack up the ten of us kids, that’s right i said ten. Our folks would pack us into the station wagon and take us on all kinds of trips.  On these trips we would drive by an old delapidated grey building on the side of the road and my older brother  Steve would tell me,”Abraham Lincoln slept there one night.”

Now Steve was a fabulous liar and also told me dentists would give me a thousand dollars a pound if i scraped the plaque off my teeth and brought it to him.   that and a lot of other things made it questionable if in fact Lincoln did sleep there but I was young and tender and gullible so my older siblings would feed me all kinds of lies just to enjoy fooling me.   That’s ok because I have the last laugh. I still have all my hair.

They finally tore down the old grey building where maybe Lincoln or a field rat slept and when i saw it was gone I was sad no one respected the sacredness of that building.

With that in mind when a homeowner is fussing about how she wished everything was perfect I tell her, “Ma’am, If Lincoln slept her I’d expect things to be perfect but since this is a home and not a museum then the prospective clients who come into your home will have to be content this is a used home not new”. Used means there are a few dings and dents and dimples on the carpet. New means it’s as close to perfect this side of heaven as man can get.  But between you and me when I walk the streets of gold up yonder if they show me to my shack and i got a used rug that Moses kept his Barcalounger on It will be fine with me.  Just so long as I don’t have to clean all the rugs in the place I’ll be more than happy.

So if you’re getting ready to sell your lovely home and down size or more across town or to Texas and your carpets need freshening up call us and we’ll make them look as good as they can.   And take a chill pill if everything isn’t perfect. It’s a home not a museum and you should see some of the places Lincoln slept.