I got a call the other day. Gert one of my cheerleaders in town had passed away.   A cheerleader is someone who so believes in you and your company she goes out of her way to tell people about you.

“She told everyone about you.  Even people who didn’t want to hear.’ is what her daughter’s told me when they asked me to come over to clean the home one last time before they put it on the market.

Gert was a rare individual. one of those balls of fire that ignites everyone she comes in contact with. though not without her own troubles she didn’t focus on them. she looked for the good in those around her and praised it.

She called me one afternoon after all the tech’s had gone home.  wanted some carpets cleaned. I hopped in one of the trucks in drove over. She liked what she read in my reviews and the sun was shining so i just went ahead and did the work right then.


she was thrilled and from that time on she’s been singing our praises.


Cheerleaders are rare.  People like Gert are even rarer. she cared about people and it showed. she shined like a diamond.


God bless you Gert. may the rest of us shine a bit brighter when we think of the kind of person you were.


Jimmy & the entire Beyond Family