I had been working hard all day in the office. It was one of those day you simply don’t go out and clean carpets. you work on whittling down the pile of papers in your in box.


I’d gotten one project done and began another a bit more complicated. I thought i heard my mother calling me to take a break but since she’s in heaven either she’s got some great new lungs or i was imagining it. Good old mom.

I finally got the second project done and in the can and needed to shake off six hours of solid desk work. I threw on my polar tech hoodie, some knit gloves and my doofus hat. My friend and financial  adviser Sandy had made it for me.  It’s called a doofus hat because its a bit too big for my head and when i put it on i look like Elmer Fudd or some other doofus. But it’s very thick and warm microfiber and I don’t care.


Now comes the big fun part. I was walking around town and i saw on the side of the road, where the grass swoops down and makes a little gully, I saw some ice panes. they were all thin and angular lilke bad stain glass windows all done in white of objects you can almost make out but not quite.

most of the water had drained away so it wasn’t real soupy and sloppy under the ice in the grass. it was just thin plates of crunchable smashable ice. Few things are as satisfying and stepping on this stuff. I crunched my brains out. I was Godzilla tearing up Tokyo, smashing glass buildings as the masses ran like ants before me. Actually no ants were out yet so i had to imagine them but i truly munched and crunched and smashed a record amount of thin ice. and not once did i find a deep hidden muddy pool of water just waiting to swallow up my shoe like it always did when i was a kid.   I had big big fun.

Maybe you don’t have enough fun in your life?  maybe a trip to Disney world is not in the making this year. I’ll bet you can find some ice in the gully. Hurry it’s only here for a short time then the robins come.


if you have an oaf who tracked in mud from his Godzilla afternoon give us a call. we specialize in removing monster size stains. Till next time stay frosty my friends.   Jimmy