Which process is the right one to use on your carpets? It all depends upon your needs.    Someone with all wool wall to wall needs safe effective cleaning with cleaning solutions that have a neutral PH of around 7 (think clear water) .

Someone with great Danes that track in mud across the family room Berber just off the mud ball back yard need some heavy duty cleaning products to loosen up the soil and flush out all that topsoil.

The good thing to know is you don’t have to know all this. I do. You don’t. You just want to know are they gonna do a good job and treat me fairly? And if spots come back will they?

The answer to all three is yes. Yes we will do a good job. Yes we will treat you right and yes if the spots come back we will come back quickly and make things right.

So to answer the question what is the right type of carpet cleaning for my home?  The one that works. We use all of them. Low moisture, Encap, bonnet, hot water, dry cleaning solution. Whatever it takes to make your home look its best we’ll do it and you will be thrilled.

And best of all you don’t have to get an education in this stuff because I’ve already got one.  Together we’ll talk about your needs and concerns and come up with a workable plan the does the trick.

Read our reviews. We have three times the number anyone else does.

Look on Angie’s list, Google, Yelp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram or our own website. Read our pink flyer that’s every where.  We really care about making your happy and giving you a pleasant pain free experience.


Call us today and lets get those carpets looking their finest.  Jimmy and the entire Beyond Carpet cleaning family.