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Mystery of the midnight Pee-er part 2

Mystery of Night Peeing part 2   Last time we were talking about the terror in the night. The mystery pee-er. There is one thing worse than that and we’ll get to it in a moment but lets finish up with the pee-er.   The home owner had a doggie that would pee on...

Midnight mystery pee-er part one

Night Peeing part 1 A client of mine in town called me with a unique problem. Unique for her anyway. She and her family were ready to downsize. Their home was absolutely lovely. A baby grand piano in the living room, all the modern upgrades and paint done is soft...

It’s a Dog’s Life

It’s a Dog’s Life

Its dog’s life was an unsuccessful movie originally made in the fifties. It’s also what my bad dog Logan lives each day.  What’s that you say, there are no bad dogs, only wretched terrible owners like me?  Bingo!  His adopted brother Albert is older and slowing down...

Press Here for Champagne

Press Here for Champagne

January 2017: Press here for champagne. A new client over on 3rd st. called us yesterday. She had a boatload of work but we had the fading light of a cold December afternoon. Rugs and chairs and runners and sofas. It all had to be cleaned but there was a problem. In...

Skunk Was a  Louse: Part 2

Skunk Was a Louse: Part 2

That skunk was a loose conclusion. The solution me and the homeowner hit upon was air. I brought in my most powerful fan and turned it on in the most odiferous room in the house, the mudroom.  In a few moments on high the room was remarkable better. I left her the fan...

The Skunk Was a  Louse: Part 1

The Skunk Was a Louse: Part 1

  Today we’d like to go deeper into the dark world of pet urine problems and what you can do about them. Ok. So Licky the cat or Towzer the dog had a bad night and you found out the hard way walking to the bathroom in the dark and you stepped in something soft...

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